Pandemic Next Steps Update – March 23, 2023

The Board has been following the information on the COVID-19 pandemic from our state and local Departments of Health and the CDC. While we will continue to keep our eye on the latest recommendations, we have decided to make some changes to our policies based on what we believe is appropriate for our community.

1. Starting this Sunday, we will offer a COVID information “spot” in our entryway with information and free masks available for anyone that would like one until we run out.
2. We will no longer set aside the seats by the piano for those who want to sit next to others only wearing masks.
3. We will continue to support and encourage attendees to wear masks and social distance according to what they feel is right for themselves or their family members.
4. As a congregation, we will pay special attention to use the tools we have to maintain good ventilation in our building, both upstairs and downstairs, to lessen all health risks.Thank you,
María Figueroa on behalf of the TUUC Board of TrusteesHere is a wonderful link from the CDC that offers advice on creating your COVID-19 plan: