Pledge Drive Preview

Hello Everyone,

I am writing to you because you are an important part of Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation: whether you are a long-time member; a new, inquiring attendee; someone who has drifted away or someone who has stayed with us through the past few years and during the pandemic.  Each of you has contributed to who we are as a congregation today.  We are grateful for your presence.

This letter is to provide a preview of our Pledge Drive for the next church year.  We will be using the month of May to focus on obtaining pledges for the church year that begins July 1, 2023.  Your pledges will shape our church’s future.

This spring and summer will be a time of enormous transition for TUUC.  Our long-term minister, Linda Hart, has been selected to begin a ministry at another northwest church.  She will leave us in mid-June. Our long-term administrator, Libby Ball, completed her work with us at the end of March.  We have hired a temporary Administrator, Sharon Gold, to fill the new part-time position we have established.  We have hired a new part-time bookkeeper, Jules Albright, to help us finish getting our books back in order and to keep our finances up-to-date and transparent.

Also very important, we will be looking for a contract minister to help guide us through the next church year (and maybe beyond).  During this time of transition, we will be seeking a minister to help us look inward to learn from our past, outward to see what we want to be in this community, and forward to shape our future as Tahoma Unitarian Universalist Congregation.

The results of our pledge drive will be a key consideration for ministers considering joining us in the 2024 church year.  Depending on the pledges we receive, the Board of Trustees is planning to hire a part-time minister who will work 50% of the time, instead of a full-time minister.  Help us attract the minister we need in the year ahead.

A Pledge Packet will be mailed on Monday, May 1.  If you have not received your packet by Wednesday of that week, please let us know.  We may not have your current contact information, and we don’t want to lose track of you.  Please review the materials included and bring or mail your pledge to us by May 28.  You can also pledge online by going to Donation ( We will announce our results on Sunday, June 4, and prepare for a congregational vote on the budget for 2024 on June 11.

Watch the eNews for updates and come to church on Sunday to learn more.  There is so much happening.  We want you to be part of it!!

Thank you,

Chris George

Secretary, Board of Trustees (BOT)

Organizer, 2024 Pledge Drive