Safe Parking Update

Nine volunteers led by landscape designer and grounds beautification guru Thomas Oliver mowed, trimmed, weeded, weed whacked, cleaned up trash and made great strides toward keeping our building and grounds looking cared for.

A bouquet of thanks to Thomas, Jim Bilnoski, Cat Garrettson Bilnoski, Dave and Cindy Hackett, Bob Hayes, Pam Jenkins, Patty McPhee, and Stacey Soltoff.

Thanks also to Site Host David Pettit and Safe Parking Volunteer Coordinator Breck Lebegue for building a screening structure for the porta-potty. Tacoma/Pierce County Safe Parking Coordinator Colin DeForrest and David Pettit moved the porta-potty to a better location this week. We are ready to receive guests again!

If you are interested in volunteering contact the TUUC Subcommittee on Housing Insecurity: