Speaker: Matt Aspin

Attending to Our Highest Need

We live in a world that seems focused on creating more and more options to fill up our time. Before we know it, our days are filled with endless lists of items that feel urgent but aren’t really important. Join us this Sunday to consider how we might re-prioritize at least one important aspect of our lives.

Matt Aspin previously served as our ministerial intern, and is currently finishing his Masters of Divinity degree from Meadville Lombard Theological School.

Way More Than a Hill of Beans

Do my efforts to make the world a better place REALLY matter? The short answer is “ABSOLUTELY!”
Not convinced? Our former ministerial intern, Matt Aspin, will be back for a visit and looks forward to sharing some inspiring examples to rekindle your hopes in these challenging times.

Casting Off

Before we can set sail to new adventures, we need to cast off the lines that have been tethering us safely to the dock. What do you want to let go of before heading into 2019?

Blessings Received

On this last day of his internship, Ministerial Intern Matt Aspin reflects on the lessons and the blessings he has received from his time with us. A reminder for all of the power and promise available within our beloved community.

Creative Tension

Although sometimes hard to hold, discord and discomfort can serve as mentors on the path to new and better ways of being.

For Blessings to Emerge

We all look forward to the vibrant rebirth of a hopeful spring. But as winter begins to slowly loosen her grip, let’s pause one last time to reflect upon the hidden blessings that can only be found in the quieter seasons of life.

Nature’s Balancing Act

Things seem out of balance in the human world these days. Yet nature is ALWAYS in balance. Can the natural world teach us what we need to learn to find a more sustainable way forward in our lives?

Affirmation and Inspiration

Our annual love service near Valentine’s Day invites us to focus on the love we’ve put into the world and our intentions to keep it going! In particular, we’ll cheer our work with Mann Elementary, write some valentines to people who are working to create more love, encourage ourselves and each other by creating reminders of what we mean to do. Come and demonstrate YOUR perseverance in loving the world!

The Most Important Intention

Many of us cobbled together a list of inspiring-sounding intentions to inspire ourselves as we prepared to welcome the New Year. But did we all remember to include the most important intention of all?

A New Hope

Join us in community on Sunday as we leave the past behind, embrace the presence of now, and welcome our souls’ future dreams.