Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart

The Christmas Story

This all ages pageant without preparation centers on the story of Jesus’ birth. There will be parts to cast on the morning of the performance, and, as always, animals to be part of the manger scene are most welcome. Come along and make it a grand celebration!

Job’s Wife

There’s little so mysterious as the existence of good and evil and how we make sense of them in our lives and in ourselves. The story of Job in the Hebrew scriptures offers us insight into it, and especially when we consider his unnamed wife in the story.


We humans like connections. We link this event to that event, and work to create meaning. Or is it to find the meaning that’s already there. Where does meaning come from? We’ll sort it out. Maybe.

A Beautiful Poem

Robin Wall Kimmerer invites us into a deep reflection upon our connections to the whole of life, the universe and everything. The beautiful poem, she suggests, is written in the language of chemistry. It is mechanical and magical and a mystery.

To End All Wars

The 100th anniversary of the signing of the agreement that ended the Great War invites a time of remembering as well as honoring those who have served in the military.


The theme of memory for this month invites us into both sides of the coin. We consider both what our memories bring us and what it means to forget them.


We gather for this annual celebration in which we remember those beloved people who have died. You are invited to bring along a small token or picture to share with others in celebration and sadness.

Being Brave

Brené Brown suggests to us that we don’t so much need safe spaces as we need brave spaces. What does that mean for us in our search for sanctuary?