Speaker: Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart

Resurrecting the Earth

Easter and Earth Day collide this year. As we hear more and more about the dangers and urgency of addressing climate change, we’ll reflect on the threads of brokenness and wholeness that weave through both sacred days and how they can inform our commitments and hope.

The Next 75 Years

On April 12, 1944, the Unitarian Association of Tacoma was founded and the organizational documents were signed. What a long strange trip it’s been! We’ll take a look back and a look forward with hope, faith, and compassion.

Celebration Sunday!

Come one, come all! It’s a celebration of TUUC! There’ll be stories and your favorite songs, children and streamers and Do-Nut miss the special after service treat! You can even have extra sprinkles if you want! Bring your pledge sheet to turn in and help us light up our rainbow chalice! Come one! Come all!

A Way of Going

A journey requires both a destination and map. Our intuition about the destination points us in the right direction and our map is the way we choose to live.

It’s Possible

Shel Silverstein epically wrote, “Listen to the MUSTN’TS, child, Listen to the DON’TS, . . . the IMPOSSIBLES, the WON’TS, . . . then listen close to me: ANYTHING can happen, child, ANYTHING can be.”
We’ll consider the possible.
And not to be missed is the debut of TUU Sees, our very own house band! The TUU Sees formed in December, and this ensemble performs well-known music from yesteryear and encourages audience participation and spontaneous displays of exuberance.
Piano/Guitar: Andy Callender;
Bass Guitar/Piano: Breck Lebegue;
Keyboards/Percussion: John Hargis

Practicing Anti-Racism

Throughout the centuries since Europeans colonized North America, there have been intertwining movements advocating racism and anti-racism. As we remember Martin Luther King, Jr. and the Civil Rights movement of the last century, we’ll explore what anti-racism is and what it might look like today.

The Christmas Story

This all ages pageant without preparation centers on the story of Jesus’ birth. There will be parts to cast on the morning of the performance, and, as always, animals to be part of the manger scene are most welcome. Come along and make it a grand celebration!