Speaker: Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart

The Speed of Trust

An old hymn suggests that our freedom should “revere the past, but trust the dawning future more.” Adrienne Maree Brown explores strategies for life in a complicated and rapidly changing world by paying attention to what is emerging. Trust, presence, and attention are key.

The TUU Sees will provide music during this worship service.

Love Makes Us Strong

Our whole church worship will focus on how love makes us more resilient and able to offer our love to the world. We’ll sing, write love letters, create a few tokens for the world. Bring the whole family and your whole selves for a great morning together!

Ansamblu will provide music for this worship service.

What is Truth?

Much is said these days about the loss of a common shared reality in the US and elsewhere around the world. How do we discern the truth in these complicated times?


Do you swear to tell the whole truth and nothing but the truth? Do you sometimes bend the truth? We all do it, right? In the medical drama “House” the main character repeatedly says “everybody lies.” Do you? This service explores the compromises we make.

Ansamblu will provide music during this worship service.

Jedis, Gender, and Joy

What does it mean to have integrity? One meaning is living as your whole and most authentic self. We’ll explore how we do that and how we support others doing the same.

Solstice Pageant

Our pageant this year celebrates the Solstice and offers many opportunities for taking part. As always, there is a role for animals, so anyone who arrives in an animal costume can take part. Other roles will be assigned on the day and appropriate props will be provided. Come to watch, come to share in the fun, and celebrate the season of returning light!

Beloved Earth

Where do you experience awe? Is it crashing waves? The cathedral of the trees? In a place where the sky goes on forever? Earth offers us beauty, terror, and peace in equal measure. Let us celebrate our blue boat home


What gets our attention? Is it what is loud or what’s important? Is it what we’re used to seeing or what’s out of place?