Speaker: Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart

Solstice Pageant

Our pageant this year celebrates the Solstice and offers many opportunities for taking part. As always, there is a role for animals, so anyone who arrives in an animal costume can take part. Other roles will be assigned on the day and appropriate props will be provided. Come to watch, come to share in the fun, and celebrate the season of returning light!

Beloved Earth

Where do you experience awe? Is it crashing waves? The cathedral of the trees? In a place where the sky goes on forever? Earth offers us beauty, terror, and peace in equal measure. Let us celebrate our blue boat home


What gets our attention? Is it what is loud or what’s important? Is it what we’re used to seeing or what’s out of place?


At our annual Remembering service, we take time to honor those we have loved who have died. Everyone is invited to bring along a picture or small memento of someone you’re remembering this year. All ages will gather to sing, tell stories and remember.

Reimagining Goldilocks

The stories we tell about ourselves and our world often define how we live within it. In recognition of Indigenous People’s Day, we’ll reflect on a story of colonialism and what its implications are for how we understand our relationships with this land and our neighbors.

Contingency and Chance

What can we expect of life? Our pathway through is never clearly marked. This service will explore luck and privilege and how that can inform our spiritual life.

New Pencil, Sharp Point

Autumn brings the scent of fallen leaves and often a feeling of new beginnings. What are the tools we bring to our expectations of what’s ahead?

Our Religious Exploration program year for Children and Youth begins this Sunday.

Ansamblu will offer music during our worship service.