Speaker: Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart

What If That Is Joy?

Author Ross Gay decided to spend a year writing a daily essay about the delights he found in his life. A collection of them were published this year, and in one essay he distinguishes between delight and joy and poses the question of what joy … read more.

Outside the Box

We think of the hard sciences — chemistry and physics — as being culturally neutral. Dr. Chanda Prescod-Weinstein, a black, agender woman physicist, tackles the cultural implications of the world of physics and what it means to be a scientist. We’ll explore her reflections and … read more.

Keep Breathing!

How are you doing? I mean, really? Fifteen months of hunkering down and navigating the risks and losses of the pandemic have left many people exhausted and adrift. Is there anything we can do? The answer is “yes” and we’ll explore how to take care.

Please … read more.

It’s Complicated

Pema Chödrön teaches Buddhist practice and philosophy. We explore some of the central features of her teachings as we consider our families.

Talking to Grief

As our time of isolation continues, we probably will experience grief: from the loss of face to face community, people we love who are dying, fractured relationships, all of it. We need a place to hold our grief. This service offers some perspective and a … read more.

Big Cracks

“When something big cracks your life, there is a kind of poetry that spills out.”
~ Abigail Bengson

Lots of big cracks have opened over the last year and more. We consider the poetry that has spilled out, and “The Keep Going Song” that Abigail Bengson … read more.

Our Tapestry

Celebrating our beloved community, our work in our community, and exploring our covenants through stories and images as we conclude our stewardship campaign — our worship service recording from Sunday, April 11.