Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart


We gather for this annual celebration in which we remember those beloved people who have died. You are invited to bring along a small token or picture to share with others in celebration and sadness.

Being Brave

Brené Brown suggests to us that we don’t so much need safe spaces as we need brave spaces. What does that mean for us in our search for sanctuary?

Finding Our Future

Our Religious Explorations for Children and Youth begin today, and we’ll reflect upon how we imagine the future and how we act now to create a future in which they’ll thrive.

Maintain Hope

Returning to suggestions made by Bryan Stevenson, we’ll consider what it means to maintain hope in our lives. How do we keep the vision of a better world alive?

Blessing of/and/with the Water

This summer offered us a chance to appreciate water by its lack. Dry and smoky, many of us are ready for fall. We’ll begin with our annual water service. Bring water from somewhere you’ve been, or that has some meaning for you, or just from home. We’ll have water to pour into our common bowl, too. We’ll sing, bless, be blessed, and remember the gift of water in our lives.

Bread and Roses

Labor Day reminds us of what was fought for as unions were formed. Bread and Roses in particular calls us to make both bodily sustenance and beauty possible. We’ll consider what it looks like today.

Begin Again

The habits of school starting in late summer or early fall follow many of us through our lives. In that spirit, we’ll have a service to celebrate beginning again as we come into fall. Students (of any age!) are invited to bring along a backpack or similar object that represents the new year to be blessed. We’ll consider what it takes to begin again and again and again.

Box of Questions

One of our hymns says “even to question truly is an answer” and we’ll take up a practice in many UU congregations: the Question Box service. You get the chance to write down a question that you have wondered about, and Linda will answer as many as she can during the time allotted for the sermon. Other questions may become sermons later, so don’t hesitate to ask!