Speaker: Rev. Dr. Linda A. Hart

Being Blessed

For the last few years, we’ve blessed backpacks (or briefcases, or work bags) at the start of the fall. This year with a variety of ways of going to school and going to work, we’re blessing more than that. Join with Director of Religious Exploration for Children and Youth, Nancy Slocum, and Rev. Linda Hart, for a service full of blessings.

Love and Truth

It is suggested that we should speak the truth in love, a challenging task in these days of alternate facts and fake news. Rev. Linda shares a version of a longer talk she gave for a (virtual) conference in the UK.

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Hurricanes and wildfires, protests, shootings, and a still surging pandemic. It can feel like we’re living in the end times. This Sunday service offers a time to acknowledge our sadness, anger, and loss. Though it feels dire, all is not lost. We also speak the words of hope that live alongside the chaos.

Where It Happened

The musical Hamilton has been a phenomenon since it opened. Now it’s more widely available to the public and getting wider view. It’s not without its problems, though. This reflection is on history and the present and what our faith calls us to.

Worship Service with Peter Mayer and Rev. Linda Hart

Is “Blue Boat Home” by Peter Mayer one of your favorite songs to sing with our congregation? Enjoy this special service of music with Peter Mayer from Sunday, August 2.

Minnesota’s Peter Mayer has been singing and songwriting full-time for over 20 years, performing in venues across the United States and beyond. He writes songs for a small planet–songs that celebrate life on earth and the mysterious and wondrous fact of our existence–songs about the vast cosmos that surrounds us and how we are a part of it all. He also writes songs about dress hats, pumpkins and pajamas, and even love and freight trains just like a good folk musician should. His music has been performed by artists like Kathy Mattea, David Wilcox, Claudia Schmidt, Anne Hills, Priscilla Herdman, Darryl Purpose, Billy Jonas, and Ronny Cox, to name a few. His work has been included in song books, church hymnals, and folk radio playlists across the country. Peter has eleven albums to his credit, and has sold over 100,000 of them. He lives in Stillwater, Minnesota with his wife and two daughters. Learn more about Peter Mayer and his music at https://www.petermayer.net/


We’re still living into the new normal. What will that be? What will it look like a year from now.  Join Rev. Linda in reflecting on how we engage in *transformation* and not just recreating what has gone before.

Annual Flower Service

Send us a picture of you with some flowers!

Our online service will recognize the solstice and have our traditional flower service! While we won’t be exchanging flowers, we’ll see each other and hear the story. This celebration of our community, the longest day, and the abundance of late spring. Send your picture to Erien Babcock, Ministerial Intern, at ministerial.intern@tahomauu.com by Wednesday, June 17.

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This worship service was rescheduled from a previously announced date.

Talking to Grief

As our time of isolation continues, we probably will experience grief: from the loss of face to face community, people we love who are dying, fractured relationships, all of it. We need a place to hold our grief. This service will offer some perspective and a brief ritual for acknowledging our losses.

Thresholds – Online Worship Service

Late spring is always a time for changes. People who are in school change grades or graduate. We begin to transition to summer pursuits It’s a time to pause and recognize changes that have happened. This service will recognize our graduating high school seniors and celebrate our new members who have joined this year. We’ll offer a blessing to recently born Ira Gene Arnold. Matt Aspin, newly graduated, will stop in for a visit, too.