Speaker: Rev. Zacharie Vinczen

Abundant and Generous: Agape Love – Online Worship Service

The Greeks had multiple words for love. In this service we’ll think about Agape, which is considered the highest form of love, and is sometimes called “Charity”. This is love as an action, the sort of unconditional, selfless love that builds community, sustains revolutions, and changes the world. As we kick off the annual Stewardship campaign, let us gather together to share in communal joy as we consider the power in allowing ourselves to be abundantly and generously overwhelmed by love.

We will be joined for this service by Rev. Jessica Star Rockers of Kitsap UU Fellowship and Rev. Zacharie Vinczen of Cedars UU Church. Both of those congregations will join us online. This is a great opportunity for us to join our communities together to reflect upon love and our wider community.

Please join us via Zoom at https://zoom.us/j/581391656.