Speaker: Doug Taylor

The UU Golden Rule!

Do UUs have a “golden rule” as the source of our values and guide for our actions?  Has the “golden rule” become outdated, and if so what has taken its place? What can interfere and prevent us from “walking our talk” and living by our values?  Come discover pitfalls and power enhancers for successfully living our values in the world!

Freedom, Liberation, and the UU Gospel

An invitation to explore, discover, awe, marvel and mystery! Beginner’s minds most welcome! What do you believe is the greatest freedom? How do you experience freedom and liberation? How do UU Principles and Sources serve as the perfect context for a “freedom and liberation” movement? How can the latest findings in neuroscience, positive psychology, and mindfulness science achieve harmonious integration with the UU Gospel for health and well-being? Come, come, come as you are . . .

The Science of Well-Being and Spirituality

Recent “modern” scientific studies point out that there are specific essential elements for a life of health, longevity, and well-being, and that several of these “essentials” have been known and practiced for centuries in the context of religion and spirituality. Come explore how practices once considered spiritual and religious have now been substantiated and verified by science for enriching and prolonging life. And how being part of a spiritual community such as Tahoma UU Congregation can enhance life overall!

Into the Mystery: Mysticism, UUs, and Neurotheology

Where does direct experience of the transcendent, neuroscience, and UU intersect? Or better yet, where does “woo woo” meet “weigh and measure?” Surveys show that a significant number of individuals have had some type of “mystical, numinous, or transcendent experience,” so how can we explain and reconcile this with scientific fact? Does Neurotheology finally have the answer for us to know the unknowable? What does the latest neuroscience have to say about spiritual experience?