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99 Stockings Holiday Collection Drive

99 Stockings Holiday Collection Drive
a.k.a. 99 Stockings plus 200 Holiday Gift Bags!

Help bring some holiday cheer to housing insecure members of our community! The Social Justice Committee is coordinating collections from TUUC for the 99 Stockings project. This project is co-sponsored by New Connections Tacoma & St. … read more.

Safe Parking FAQs

Safe Parking Network Pilot Program/Safe Parking – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is Safe Parking?

Safe Parking is a program where people who are living in their vehicles become temporary guests of an organization that has a parking lot. The organization provides an assigned parking place and … read more.

Church Facility and Safe Parking

“We are often called to do the difficult, if not the seemingly impossible, and it is vital to our spiritual growth that we not ignore these challenges.”  – Janice Marie Johnson, UU educator, faith leader, activist


At the September 17, 2020 meeting, Tahoma Unitarian Universalist … read more.