Tag: Worship Service

From the Minister for May 20, 2022

Sundays in the sanctuary are different from how they were before the pandemic. We’re in masks, and the windows are open and there is air flowing through fans. Our children are with us upstairs and they bring a joyful – and sometimes loud – noise … read more.

From the Minister for May 13, 2022

Balance, someone once quipped, is having a cookie in both hands. These days, I find myself wishing it was that easy. As the pandemic continues to surge and recede, as spring continues to dance between late winter scudding clouds and drizzle and those perfect soft … read more.

From the Minister for April 26, 2022

Many years ago, I was chatting with a couple of church members after a getting-to-know- you conversation with someone who was new to the congregation. As we talked about how we would know that someone had become part of our community, I said that I … read more.

From the Minister for April 12, 2022

In one of my preaching classes, a teacher said it was important to give members of the congregation a little bit of a chuckle in every sermon. It was a lesson I took to heart, and I continue to be mindful of creating opportunity to … read more.

From the Minister for March 29, 2022

Beloved friends,

Spring is slowly coming into itself. The ornamental cherry trees that line our street are in full flower and it’s raining pink petals. The fluffy trees encourage my shoulders to relax and encourage a full breath every time I drive somewhere. I hope your … read more.