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Reverse Offering Results

On Sunday, February 12, those attending the service had the chance to get an offering from the church.  There were $20 bills in envelopes taped under the seats in the sanctuary claimed by whoever was sitting nearby.  The requirements of receiving the offering were to do … read more.

Hart to Hearts

It is a time when hyperbole is easy to fall into. Social media seems to be always exploding with the latest outrage or triumph, and it’s hard to not get carried along. But, as I said after the election, the work we are called … read more.

Thanksgiving Tradition

I am one of those modern households that lost the draw. The kids usually go to their fathers’ houses for Thanksgiving and then we go out for Pho on the Friday night after for our ThankPho Celebration. The tradition fits us.

And this gives me time … read more.

Music, Music, Music

In my first or second year in parish ministry, I was approached after the service by the wife of the emeritus minister. With a wry look on her face, she said, “I see from today’s service that you took that class in seminary, ‘How to … read more.

Thank You Tahoma UU Paddle Raise Donors!

This summer a transformation took place in several of the Religious Exploration classrooms thanks to the generosity of Tahama UU’s Paddle Raise donors! The two rooms are used for the middle school and high school youth groups, as well as adult committee meetings and covenant groups. … read more.

What Does it Mean to Be a Community of Covenant?


Susie Maharry
Director of Adult Religious Exploration

The church year has officially begun! We begin our church year anew each year with our Water Communion. Merging our waters together is a symbolic representation for us that we are indeed a community of covenant. But what … read more.